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Ms. Kennedy originally began her IP career following graduation from law school.  Previously, Trademarks International,  Ms. Kennedy, currently manages a boutique IP firm, Royce Asset Management ("Royce IP"). Royce IP has experience with clients in various industries including banks, corporations, medical institutions, large and small IP owners.  Royce IP's affiliates include experts involved in every part of the chain necessary to register, protect, develop and sell your IP. 

Ms. Kennedy's specialty is in merging IP and economics, in a way that protects and harnesses her client's innovations and develops a platform for long term growth and greatest monetization.  Whereas registration and protection are primary starting points to most IP portfolios, strategizing growth capitalizing on an innovation is the ultimate goal.

Ms. Kennedy manages her client's innovation from its conception, utilizing her IP experience, and professional affiliates, to ensure the greatest IP value, while keeping client expenses down.

Royce Asset Management's technology areas of specialty include information technology, eye wear, software, hardware, avionics, consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, construction, energy and materials science.

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of our culture.  How to take your invention or brand to market begins with details that require expertise in many different categories of business from law to product development, to marketing and distribution.  Every successful company or individual knows that distribution of their product or invention is just the beginning.  ROYCE IP is one of few companies exclusively focused on the fusion of IP and business.  You bring your invention and we form your team.  We'll put a plan together and follow-through on protection, development and market implementation.  ROYCE IP provides our clients with the greatest IP support; at the greatest savings possible for our clients. We're so confident in our team of experts, strategies and business practices that we don't earn an income, until you do.




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