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ROYCE IP is one of a few select market based firms specializing in intellectual property (IP).  We bring real world experience together with advanced, proprietary methods for merging IP and economics in a way that protects and harnesses our client's innovations to ensure the greatest IP value.

Our core IP asset management services include:

               IP Portfolio Management                                              Business Mergers & Acquisitions                       

          IP Analysis & Opinions                                                                                  IP Complex Negotiation, Contract Monitoring

          IP Valuations                                                                                      IP Administration & Enforcement

          IP Infringement Damages Analysis                              Product Risk Analysis

          IP Licensing & Sales                                                    Angel Funding

          Business Development                                                Product Development  & Market Implementation              


ROYCE IP has experience with wide range of affiliates including investment firms, patent, trademark and copyright attorneys, financial consultants, legal, marketing and sales professionals.  ROYCE IP's experience extends over 20 years and includes all channels of sales and distribution.  Technology areas of specialty include information technology, aviation, software, hardware, consumer electronics, medical instruments, telecommunications, construction, energy and materials science. 

ROYCE IP provides the highest level of individualized service.  We bring IP expertise to the table and as entrepreneurs with decades of experience, we have our hands on the pulse of best practices and innovation.

Our answer to the simple question, "What do you do?" is, we help by taking your invention to every household in the world.  We utilize our collective experiences and expertise to protect and navigate your innovation, from the concept phase to market.